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Aluminum Gates


Aluminum gates in Houston have become the standard when weight or erosion factor in the application of the gate. Not only are aluminum gates significantly less in weight, but aluminum gates are also the premium choice when erosion is a factor. If close to a body of water or if proper maintenance may be an issue, then aluminum fencing is the right option! A premier fabricated aluminum gate provides an elegant and aesthetic appeal to any project, either residential or commercial. Aluminum gates have unique qualities and appeal, making it the go-to choose for swimming pool enclosure, beach property, lake houses, and golf course developments. All aluminum gates are available in matching aluminum fence styles and specifications. Sales representatives are ready to answer any questions you have about aluminum gates.

Aluminum fences and gates are everywhere these days, but that hasn’t always been the case. Just like gold and silver today, near the turn of the century, aluminum was very rare. Back then, no one would have ever considered using aluminum for fence or gate construction.

In those days, aluminum gates would have cost a small fortune. The white metal was too expensive to obtain and too difficult to refine. It was literally a precious metal, even though aluminum was one of the most plentiful elements on earth. It wasn’t until Joseph Bayer developed a process for refining aluminum that the world began to recognize its usefulness as a building product.

Today the use of aluminum is so common, no one gives it a second thought. We package soda in it, we use it for window screens and engine blocks. Aluminum in various forms makes up as much as 8% of the earth’s crust and the ease of use and efficient recycling processes make it an abundant resource.

At Fencemasters of Houston, we know that even though the aluminum isn’t precious anymore, the customers’ vision for their fence certainly is. Our experience with aluminum as a building product spans decades and has allowed us to develop specific techniques that ensure your fence is constructed of the highest quality materials at the most competitive prices. Our continued focus on the customer and our years of experience with aluminum make us the premiere fencing firm in Houston.

You may choose aluminum for a variety of reasons. But we use aluminum for fencing because it’s light and strong and has a remarkable degree of plasticity. Plasticity allows for the metal to flex without breaking and to return to its original shape.

These qualities, coupled with aluminum’s softness, make it easy to work with and inexpensive to maintain for the homeowner.

As homeowners know, having a gate made of aluminum often trumps wood gates and often makes more sense than steel. Because an aluminum gate is so much lighter than other building products, the hardware and construction requirements associated with it are also lower. But don’t buy a gate just based on cost – judge the gate on the qualities of the material and more importantly, the installation.

At Fencemasters, we know few things come close to steel in terms of strength to weight ratio, but aluminum is a very close second. Its strength is excellent, but it’s not brittle and likely to break. When installed by our experienced crews, aluminum is likely to last for decades.

So next time you’re in the market for a fence or gate, remember that aluminum was once at the top of the list of shiny baubles, fancied in ballrooms and longed for by ladies in aristocratic circles.

Aluminum fences and gates are more common than ever these days. Virtually every neighborhood in America has examples of aluminum fencing. While it’s no longer thought of as rare, owners of aluminum fences or gates will tell you that based on weight, durability and cost, aluminum is still a precious metal.

To learn more about your options for residential or commercial gates in Houston, contact Fencemaster today!