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Brick & Stone Fencing

Residential Brick, Stone & Masonry Fencing


Fencemaster Fencing for Solid, Secure, Long-Lasting Beauty

When it comes to residential fencing options, brick and stone offer classic good looks, as well as a solid, secure fence that, with proper maintenance, can last a lifetime. Specializing in quality residential fencing since 1979, with a long list of satisfied clients in the Houston, TX, region, Fencemaster has the expertise and experience to erect the sort of brick and stone fences that a homeowner can be proud of for years to come. Custom residential stone and brick fences are a pleasure for Fencemaster skilled fencing professionals to design, and with the selection of masonry planters and other options available, Fencemaster can create truly unique and beautiful fences.

Fencemaster has been in the fencing business for decades, and has successfully planned and completed numerous brick and stone fences in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. Brick and stone fences offer the best of both worlds – beauty and practicality. Fences of this sort offer both privacy and security, and as they age and weather, become even more attractive with each passing year. However, skilled workmanship and quality materials are essential to ensuring that brick and stone fences last as long as they should, making the choice of fence company a very important one. Fencemaster has earned their excellent reputation, one satisfied client at a time.

With such options as stucco work, masonry planters, and other brick and stone fence add-ons and accessories, Fencemaster can help to create custom residential fence designs that can complement the look of any home, whether adding the fence to an already existing home or creating a fence design to flow with the lines and style of a home in the process of being built. The Fencemaster portfolio has numerous examples of residential fencing projects in the Houston, TX, area, as well as a broad range of commercial and municipal fencing projects, making it easy for potential clients to see just how broad the options are when choosing Fencemaster residential fencing.

Fencemaster takes pride in the skill they bring to residential fencing and the knowledge that those fences will last for years to come. Years of experience in brick and stone residential fences help to ensure accurate estimates. Fencemaster is easy to work with because customer service is a high priority. Arriving at appointments on time and completing the job on time is a standard part of the Fencemaster approach to fencing projects. Explore the broad range of residential brick and stone fencing options offered by Fencemaster and start planning your project today.