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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates Add Safety & Beauty To Your Home


A good driveway gate is more than a security feature – it’s often the focal point element of a well-­planned landscape design. Your gate can make your invited guests feel welcome and secure at your home. And while it can also serve as a barrier to those who are unwelcome, it’s more often than not a beautiful addition to your home’s complete aesthetic. Both considerations -­ security and aesthetics are important and neither should be neglected.

At Fencemaster of Houston, we consider both form and function. We don’t treat driveway gates as an afterthought. We design secure, aesthetically pleasing entryways that serve as a compliment to the existing fence and architecture, but also enhance security and safety. Every driveway gate gets the same attention to detail and the same consideration as the main fence line. No part of the fence gets shortchanged. No portion of the aesthetic is compromised.

We make sure our driveway gates provide a safe, secure entry point; that they blend with the existing architecture and are constructed of the finest materials.

When it comes to building effective driveway gates, we let our customers choose the features that are most important to them: security, aesthetics, and mode of operation, opener type, style, color, and materials, to name a few. We’ll help guide you, but you make the decisions.

Security is often the first consideration. And while there is no gate that is 100% secure, at Fencemaster, we’ve been doing driveway gates long enough to know what works. Although every client is different, most put security very near the top of their list of considerations. We can tell you what works and make sure you get the most secure gate available if that’s your goal.

If you place a high value on aesthetics, you’re not alone. Most people want to know how it’s going to look, will it work with the driveway, the neighborhood and the existing style of the home. What will it be made out of? Metal, wood, traditional, wrought iron or something different. The options for driveway gates are as varied as the people who request them.

Once you’ve decided on a style and considered security, operational features become important. Remote access, ease of use, side opening, swing or lift, single gate or double gate. Is your opener chain driven or screw drive? All of these considerations will require decisions on the homeowner’s part. But don’t be intimidated. We’re here to help.

Fencemaster’s staff can walk you through the decision making process. Our staff has years of experience and can break it down into easy to answer questions so that the process of choosing a fence (including the driveway gate) is easy and enjoyable.

Instead of open ended questions like “What kind of gate do you want,” we ask closed-ended questions to help you narrow the many choices down: We’ll ask things like “Are you more concerned with style and color or ease of use,” to help you figure out what elements of the design are most important to you as a home or business owner.

As we help you refine your vision, we’ll develop a design that works best for you. It will include a driveway gate as a piece of the overall package. It’s a part of the service we’ve been providing for almost 35 years.

So if you’re looking for a driveway gate in Houston, consider Fencemaster of Houston.