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Arbors, Pergolas and Trellises

Beautify With Fencemaster Arbors, Pergolas and Trellises


It can be amazing how much such simple additions as arbors, pergolas and trellises can add to the overall look and appeal of a home or business. Fencemaster, in addition to the residential and commercial fencing they’ve specialized in since 1979, also offers its clients in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas a variety of exterior design services, including arbors and trellises.

Trellises can be a beautiful addition to any exterior design plan. However, they can also be a very practical addition, supporting bean vines and other productive plants. Many people are moving away from landscaping and exterior design that is solely decorative in nature and considering ways to combine both the beautiful and the practical, creating eye-catching, food producing gardens. Fencemaster, offering such things as masonry planters, as well as arbors, pergolas and trellises can be of valued assistance in the planning and constructing stages of exterior design projects of all sizes. arbors can be a gorgeous complement to any entryway, whether leading into a doorway or to a garden or patio area. Solid construction from high quality materials will help to ensure that Fencemaster arbors will serve and beautify for years. With so many people traveling less and spending more time locally and at home, creating beautiful and welcoming outdoor spaces has become very popular and can add to the value and appeal of a property.

Choosing Fencemaster professionals to assist in the planning and construction phases of an exterior design project will result in success. Customer service is among the highest of priorities for Fencemaster, ranking right along side of a professional and efficient approach to building and installation projects and the use of the highest quality materials. Fencemaster offers thirty years of experience and expertise to its clients, as well as a reputation for excellence that has been built steadily, one successful project at a time, throughout Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.

The Fencemaster website makes it easy to contact Fencemaster and start planning your exterior projects today. An online portfolio and notable projects list is available, helping you to see what Fencemaster can do for the exterior of your home or business. Custom projects featuring arbors, pergolas and trellises are welcome, and Fencemaster professionals are on hand to help refine client ideas and concepts, as well as to deliver accurate estimates and reliable completion timeline.