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Deck , Gazebos and Pergolas

Enhance Outdoor Space With Fencemaster Decks, Gazebos and Pergolas


In addition to the quality commercial and residential fencing that Fencemaster has been building its reputation on since 1979, Fencemaster also does a variety of exterior design projects, including decks and gazebos. Using the same high standards of professionalism and quality that has marked Fencemaster fencing projects throughout Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, Fencemaster designs and constructs decks, gazebos and pergolas to enhance any exterior design project.

People are trending towards living more locally and spending recreational time at home, something that has brought more of a focus on welcoming and pleasant outdoor spaces. Decks and gazebos are a great way to add living space to a home, increasing entertainment and recreation areas while simply making the residence a more enjoyable place to spend free time. Such additions can also have a favorable affect on the market value and appeal of a property.

Fencemaster has been serving Houston, TX, and the surrounding regions for three decades. With the experience and expertise accumulated during those thirty years, Fencemaster can be relied upon to produce decks and gazebos that will be functional and attractive for years to come. Quality workmanship and the use of top notch
materials have won Fencemaster recognition throughout the Houston, TX, area. Those who choose Fencemaster for their decks and gazebos can expect the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that Fencemaster fencing customers have long been accustomed to.

Exterior design projects that require custom decks and gazebos are welcome. Fencemaster professionals can be a valuable asset during the planning stages of such a project, and are quite comfortable in working on projects of any size. Estimates can be relied upon to be accurate and projected completion timeline are dependable. Fencemaster professionals can be expected to arrive on time to appointments, because they know their client’s time is as valuable as their own.

Decks and gazebos serve practical purposes, as well as adding to the attractiveness of a property. Fencemaster can be trusted to do the job right the first time and without excessive hassle and inconvenience. Contact a Fencemaster professional, either by telephone or via the website to start planning your exterior space enhancing project today.