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Tree Trimining & Clearing

Protect Your Fences and Exterior Projects

man tree trimming

man tree trimming

Fencemaster started out in 1979, specializing in commercial and residential fencing, and through the years has built a strong reputation for quality work throughout Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. It was natural for Fencemaster to expand the exterior services and projects made available to its clients, particularly when it came to tree trimming and clearing. Keeping trees trimmed is an important part of keeping fences safe and, sometimes, trees need to be cleared in order to properly place a fence. Fencemaster professionals can always be trusted to do the job right. Fences, like most things, last longer and look better over the long-term with proper maintenance and a common sense approach to potential dangers and damages.

Keeping trees trimmed is an important part of making sure that fences and other exterior projects, like decks and gazebos, stay in good condition, rather than suffering the damage a tree can inflict, particularly in the event of a strong storm or other occurrence. Tree trimming is more than just clipping. Snipping and clipping without knowledge can result in severe damage, even death, to a tree. Fencemaster professionals can be trusted with your trees and their trimming. During the installation of a fence or the construction of other exterior projects, trees may need to be removed.

Fencemaster professionals are prepared to handle that task, avoiding the inconvenience of having to call in another service provider and deal with the scheduling issues that may arise, slowing down the project. Clearing trees should always be done by professionals, particularly if they are located in a place where a mistake could result in real damage to a building or to an exterior project, such as fencing or masonry flower beds.

Choosing Fencemaster for tree clearing ensures that the task will be done in a timely fashion and with the care and attention to detail that the Fencemaster reputation is built upon. Tree trimming and clearing are just a few of the exterior projects and services that Fencemaster offers. It is, however, an important service, helping to protect fencing and other exterior projects, as well as the building itself, from the damage poorly maintained trees can cause. If your trees are looking a bit threatening, it may be time to consider Fencemaster.