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Architectural Fencing


Let Our 30 Years of Creativity and Expertise Help With The Planning

With three decades of fencing experience, Fencemaster can be an invaluable resource during the planning stage of projects of all sizes. Project planners will appreciate the skill with which Fencemaster professionals can assist in the estimate process. Designing fencing, gating, landscaping, and outdoor space usage during the planning phase of the structure itself with the input of Fencemaster experts can help an architect to achieve a seamless, fluid, well put together look.

With a broad range of successfully planned and completed fencing projects, including residential, commercial and municipal projects of all sizes in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, Fencemaster is the ideal choice for those planning to include fences and gates in their overall design. Fencing and gating options are broad, ranging from wood to chain link to wrought iron, with styles running from the security and functionality focused to the truly eye-catching and ornamental. Whether choosing classic styles or those inspired by modern perceptions of art and design, clients can rely on the lasting quality and professional installation that is the foundation of the Fencemaster reputation.

However, fencing and gating is not all that Fencemaster does. Fencemaster can make valuable contributions to the entire landscaping process and the exterior design of the home or business. In addition to access control via quality fencing and reliable gating, Fencemaster also offers such design enhancing things as spiral staircases, masonry flowerbeds, wheelchair ramps, railings of all sorts, trellises, and decks. Fencemaster also does driveways, masonry columns, masonry and concrete work, tree clearing and trimming, stucco work, and more. Custom and unusual designs are welcome. Fencemaster professionals thrive on creative challenges and helping their clients’ design dreams become realities to enjoy.

Fencemaster has the expertise that Houston, TX, region architects and project planners can rely on to help draft accurate estimates and to ensure that the exterior spaces and structures are as well designed as the building they complement, creating an integrated whole that is pleasing and practical.