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Chain Link: Benefits and Tips

Chain Link: Benefits and Tips


I can’t tell you how many times I climbed a chain link fence during my childhood. Back in the day, when we spent more time outside than indoors, climbing fences was a normal activity for kids. I could have walked through either of our two gates, but my adventurous spirit preferred to climb!

Of course, my parents didn’t have the fence installed so we’d have our very own obstacle course. The purpose of our chain link fence was safety. They didn’t want anyone wandering into our backyard and falling into the pool, or getting bit by our dogs.  Security, keeping your possessions safe and trespassers out, is one of the primary reasons people choose to install a chain link fence.

They also have multiple benefits over a wood or iron fence. If you’re “on the fence” about what type of material is right for you, consider the benefits of each one.

Benefits of a Chain Link Fence

  • Security – keep your animals in and others out
  • Safety – prevents children, adults from falling into your pool, or unauthorized swimming
  • Visibility – chain link offers you the ability to see your front yard/back yard/driveway etc. which is great for watching your children, but also eliminates hiding places for intruders
  • Wood fences block light and airflow, both can impact your landscaping
  • Chain link fences are some of the fastest, and easiest to install especially on uneven terrain.
  • Show off your landscaping efforts (shrubs, trees etc. can also provide privacy)
  • Chain link is less expensive than wrought iron, wood, or aluminum.
  • Wear and tear doesn’t show on chain link fences like it does on wood fencing.
  • Easily customizable: you can add privacy slats, choose the gauge,  and gate types/sizes, etc. Chain link fence wire comes in a variety of thicknesses, 11 gauge is the thinnest available, recommended for temporary fencing, 10 gauge- medium thickness, and 9 gauge heavy-duty.
  • Termites are not attracted to chain link fences.
  • Chain link is stronger than wood and is able to withstand heavier winds as well as a person climbing the fence
  • Maintenance Free: We recommend you wash your chain link fence twice a year with soapy water, use a brush to scrub off any rust, and rinse with a hose.

Now, if you have an old chain link fence that has rust and corrosion, and you decide to paint it, here are a few tips for painting a chain link fence.

Tips for Painting a Chain Link Fence

  • Don’t use a paint sprayer or spray can, it wastes paint and can coat other surfaces as the wind blows
  • Remove rust/corrosion with a wire brush
  • Cover the ground and nearby plants with a drop cloth
  • Apply a rust inhibitor where rust was starting to set in, follow instructions for application and drying
  • Use a long nap roller to apply paint to the fence


Have questions about what type of fence is right for you? One of our sales associates at Fencemaster would love to answer them for you and give you a free estimate. Give us a call today.