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Aluminum Fencing

Beautiful aluminum gate by Fencemaster

Beautiful aluminum gate by Fencemaster

There really is no way to sell our aluminum fence better than considering that it is has the entire look of a wrought iron fence with none of the problems, including no rusting and no replacing.  We have seen wrought iron panels rusting especially in communities that are closer to the coast, but also in communities that have ponds that are treated with chemicals and homes that use their sprinkler system often.  Wrought iron panels also have a tendency to rust if your animal urinates on it. Fencemaster is happy to say a solution is here for you if your property needs will fit or currently fit one or more of these descriptions.

In the past aluminum fencing has been given a bad name due to the cheap material used to try and drive down the cost.  Fencemaster has made the commitment and is becoming the best manufacturer of aluminum fencing and custom aluminum gates in the Southeast Texas region.  When the other fencing companies are ordering the product from out of state, Fencemaster is manufacturing this product in Houston.  When others are telling the customer the product will be here in 4 to 6 weeks, Fencemaster is getting the entire project done in 2 weeks.  When others companies are trying to sell you on a thin system that has screws (or rivets) in the panels, Fencemaster is installing welded panels with heavy-duty square tubing.

Whether you are installing your aluminum fencing around your home, your swimming pool or using it for your driveway gate, you will achieve the look of wrought iron with none of the hassle of having to maintain it.  There is no need to touch up the paint on this fencing every six months so that the moisture doesn’t start to rust this fence, because it will never rust.

One of the biggest advantages for aluminum fencing or gates is how extremely light they are while still being extremely strong. This is very beneficial for walkway or driveway gates without operators because everyday interaction with them becomes so much easier and less of a hassle. Also, in some situations gates need to open by swinging upwards instead of forward or back. In this case, having aluminum makes this task much easier to achieve safely.

There are so many pros for aluminum fencing that this product practically sells itself! Please contact us at Fencemaster today to discuss your aluminum fencing needs!